BodyMe Protein Bars Review

Disclaimer- Precious Little Worlds have been sent out this item for free in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings.

About the brand...

BodyMe started it's journey in 2011, fuelled with my frustration from a world of unnatural supplements. Combined with an unexciting day job, and no time for the things I loved, my mind began to wander. (by the way.....I'm Leigh, and that's me above). 

With my life experience in nutrition, bodybuilding and strength training, I looked for a better way, a healthier way, in-sync with nature and the planet. I found raw plant protein and superfoods - raw plant foods, fuelled by the sun, formed by nature, and packed full of nutrients craved and recognised by the body. It seemed right, synergistic and sustainable!

After months of trialing every plant protein and superfood under the sun (excuse the pun), I was hooked! not only did it improve my training and recovery, but I felt better, healthier and more ethical. I wanted to spread the word and provide people with great products to help them love life by living it to the max - naturally! 

And so, BodyMe was formed, I took on a production facility (the family kitchen) and worked like crazy (in my spare time) until my wife banned me from the house. So, I converted the garage, quit the day job, and never looked back!

Things have changed a lot since those humble days. We are now based in the organic capital of the UK, Bristol with two facilities, a warehouse / dispatch unit with a dedicated packing room and a purpose made commercial kitchen where we make our protein bars. All our products are certified organic and are handmade / hand packed by us..... with a whole lot of passion!


Our tasty organic vegan protein bars are clean, cold-pressed and made with love by us in Great Britain by combining plant proteins with raw fruit, nuts, oils and superfoods.

We use only the finest organic ingredients without nasties, added sugars, preservatives or additives and we never bake!

Using a unique blend the three best plant proteins - pea, rice and hemp, our bars are complete with all 9 essential amino acids plus more, and contain 16g digestible vegan protein.

Every bar is registered with the Vegan Society and certified organic by the Soil Association to ensure they're real! .....and produced ethically!

CACAO MINT - SINGLE BAR - Organic Vegan Protein Bar 60g

Plant protein blend* (pea protein*, brown rice protein*, hemp protein*), cashews*,dates*, coconut nectar*, cacao*(5%), cacao nibs*(4%), coconut oil*, water, peppermint oil*(0.12%), sea salt. *Organic

May Contain: Manufactured on equipment that processes tree nuts.

CHIA VANILLA - SINGLE BAR - Organic Vegan Protein Bar 60g

Plant protein blend* (pea protein*, brown rice protein*, hemp protein*), cashews*,dates*, coconut nectar*, chia seeds*(5%), cacao*, coconut oil*, vanilla extract*(2%), water, sea salt. *Organic

May Contain: Manufactured on equipment that processes tree nuts

CACAO ORANGE - SINGLE BAR - Organic Vegan Protein Bar 60g

Plant protein blend* (pea protein*, brown rice protein*, hemp protein*), cashews*,dates*, coconut nectar*, cacao*(5%), cacao nibs*(4%), coconut oil*, water, orange oil*(0.3%), sea salt. *Organic

May Contain: Manufactured on equipment that processes tree nuts

BodyMe bars are perfect if you are a health & fitness person such as I am.they work well as a pre-workout snack. Lets talk texture - I found them like a soft brownie texture with a rich cacao taste and a little crisp crunch from the nuts that gives them an extra element to them. Sometimes you find with healthy protein bars that they can become very dry with all the fruits+nuts in them,but this was not the case with BodyMe bars they are simply deliciously moist! 

The mint had to be my favourite as it had such a good mint chocolate freshness running throughout the bar. 

These bars are Organic and raw-processed that are Vegetarian + Vegan friendly and not only what they are gluten free / dairy free / plus made and packed in the UK 

Benefits Of High Protein 
high-quality protein bars have amino acids this can help your diet to build and maintain muscle mass, synthesize immune and red blood cells, repair wounds or damaged tissues and manufacture both hormones and enzymes.
They also supply energy and have lots of vitamins or minerals for supporting your overall health.

Cacao has such good benefits too...

Natural Mood Boosting and contains up to four times more antioxidants plus is the purest form of Chocolate. 

BodyMe can be used for pre- and post workouts and are in a handy size for perfect convenience for putting in your gym bag.
They come in at around £2.50 per bar which I think is very sensible.

Give BodyMe bars ago, they are mouthwatering delicious Organic Protein goodness that will leave you wanting more!


Wellthos Box - Filled With Health & Fitness Products

Wellthos is box filled with the latest health & fitness products, you can choose from a few options such as a monthly subscription which you pay for each month, or you can trial a box for a one off payment they also do limited additions ones too such as the one I bought the Christmas edition box.


Wellthos was founded through a passion for discovering new and exciting health foods and fitness products, and then sharing our findings with loved ones and friends.

However, we soon realised from talking to people, that firstly, it can be hard to know what to look for. It’s getting increasingly difficult to decipher whether something that says it’s good for you, actually is, and finally, it’s time consuming to find healthy alternatives and keep up to date with the latest fitness trends. Especially with a busy work life or if a health shop isn’t on your door step.

Considering we did this in our spare time, we thought, why not share our knowledge and passion with you? And so… Wellthos was born.

Our knowledge stems from a degree in Biomedicine & Nutrition and working across both the commercial and medical nutrition sectors. Not to mention our passion for exercise, staying ahead of the trend when it comes to the most effective exercise methods and finding healthy, delicious alternatives to foods you struggle to give up.

Looking at the Christmas box you will receive....  

Receive a gift wrapped festive themed Wellthos box

12 curated healthy treats including 2 fitness items
Festive themed recipes & workout from a Nutritionist & Personal Trainer
One off payment

Only £32

Whats inside:

Limited Edition Wellthos Shaker - one of the best mixer shakers on the market. It’s also dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

BetterYouTM Magnesium Flakes – ideal for replenishing the body, aiding skin health and relaxing muscles.

The Beginnings Raw Gingerbread - ginger combined with delicate dates, nutmeg, warm cinnamon, the sweetness of honey, bitterness of cocoa, creating a wonderful bouquet of aromas and filling flavours.

Cocoa + High Protein Chocolate Santas - what better stocking filler than High Protein Chocolate Santas.

Dash Water - Sparkling Spring Water infused with wonky fruit and vegetables. No sugar, no calories.

B On 1 Vitamin Patch - promotes general health and well-being by supporting the body’s natural ability to process alcohol.

Raw&Wild Pili Nuts - the most nutritionally packed & appetising nuts on the planet.

Macacha Energy Protein - High protein, nutrient dense, plant protein vanilla shake with added benefits of Yerba Mate.

Elements for Life Raw Cacao Nibs - Carefully selected raw cacao nibs in a grinder.

Rock My Bowl Seasonal Granola - Laced with a blend of seasonal spices, then studded with chunks of crystallised ginger.

Nude Spice Spice & All Blend - Perfect for adding to dishes, this versatile seasoning can be sprinkled on just about everything!

Sweet Revolution Instant Hot Chocolate - Combining raw cacao powder, coconut milk powder and raw crystallised coconut nectar.

My thoughts...

Very impressed to say this is my first ever box from them and do love the Christmas edition box, I also think it is good that you can trail the boxes first so see if you are going to like them and will be on interest to you. For me as I am still doing my fitness journey and very much into my health and fitness items you sure can't go wrong.
If you or your friend is a gym addict, or even health conscious they will nor you will be disappointed with Wellthos boxes.

You will find lots of new brands plus items that you have not seen before, for me this is refreshing as it introduces you in to products that you would not normally go for.

Prices average around from £25 for a subscription basis you will pay a little more for the one off ones and limited editions ones,but Wellthos always have discount codes around so you are sure to pick up a bargain with them.  

Pop over to Wellthos to found out more ....

This is not a sponsored post as I myself bought my own box and my thoughts are my own and an honest review. 

New Year Top Health & Fitness Tips

 New Year Top Health & Fitness Tips / fitness / buzzfeed / new year / bloggers / fitness blogger / health /

If you are looking for some inspiration to kick start your body + mind into positivity for a whole healthier lifestyle then this is for you!

Don't set lots of resolutions for the New Year come down to a few or even one would be better,this is due to your mind getting overloaded with too many things to do and let's face it "who has got time to do them all"

Do this for yourself, that's right if you are thinking about what other people want you like then its a big NO NO! this is for you and you only. Or if you are sitting reading this and saying "I am fine how I am Thank You",then that is fine too. As I am not advocating come on lets get fit and have abs of steel that is not what this is about it is more about that you want to do it and change your whole lifestyle as Yes that is what it takes,this is not just a quick fix thing and do a few exercises then you with be classed as fit as that is not how it happens.
How to start out and get you motivated.......

1 Have a plan- You will need a plan do guide you for example I followed Slimming World. You can choose which is best for you,personally got best results on this and following a Vegetarian healthy eating + sync counting with workouts and had to change my whole outlook plus relationship with food.

2 Tell your friends & family- Tel them you have set this goal you are more likely to get support and less likely to avoid failure.

3 Stay Motivated- Make a list on how doing this goal will be of benefit for you keep one at home even pin it to your noticeboard.

4 Reward Yourself- No-one is saying you cant ever have a nice treat as sure you can but remember all in moderation.As time goes on you will find that you will tuck in to a nice homemade fruit compote or healthy fruit pancakes especially if you are building up+strengthening as your body will need the extra protein.      

5 Track what you eat and drink- This can be better if you have an app on your phone as it is more easy to do so. Apps such as MyFitnessPal.... you can input all your food+drink on a daily basis not only that you can add exercises in your diary that will tell you how many calories you have burnt,this is good as you will have all the information in one place.

6 Focus on your feelings- One of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to lose weight or improve your fitness is to focus too much on the scales, Instead, focus on how you feel after a workout: strong and invincible after lifting weights, alert and energized after cardio, relaxed and mindful after a yoga session. By focusing on how you feel, you’re less reliant on the scale to keep you motivated.

 7 Take is easy - This means don't go banging out a big sessions all the time remember this is a long-term change start of slow then progress.

8 Find a buddy-Having a friend who can join you can help too you do not have to do this as it depends on how you work best.

9 Do not starve yourself of food- Your body will need a lot of proteins, vitamins, and minerals so that your muscles respond well to your workouts Fruits and vegetables are a must.

10 Warm up - This helps increase blood flow to the working muscle which results in decreased muscle stiffness, reduced risk of injury. Not only that but is good for mental preparation too and your mind can ease into the workout.

11 Keep trying - You will sometimes faultier during your goals as we all do as we are all human,but get up and try again you will find you are stronger then you think! 

12 Switch up your workouts- If you keep doing the same workouts over and over for months you will soon become board so be ready to adopt new workouts that will give you diversity. Beginners try to aim for 2-3 30/40mins workouts sessions per week while more advanced will tend to aim for around 6 per week with one rest day. Always consult your doctor to make sure you are well enough to do so.   

13 Be Happy - The Key is to be happy and enjoy what you are doing and the achievements that you are going to get from your goals believe me it will be worth it.

Simple but effective tips to help you stay focused and achieve your health and fitness goals coming New Year.


Fitness Advent Calendars

Are you a fitness fanatic, well if so this is the perfect Christmas countdown treat for you or your fitness bud!

Now Health & Fitness people can enjoy a little treat with some festive Advent Calendars, we have listed a few below that will be on interest especially to Protein fans.    


25 individual high-protein chocolate pieces with added whey protein in a festive advent calendar.

Make this festive season extra special for yourself or your favourite gym fanatic, with sweet treats for every day that still manage to keep all-important training on track.

Find a hidden high-protein chocolate behind each window, crafted with delicious cocoa butter and our whey protein isolate, and enjoy the build-up to Christmas without diets going down the drain.

Plus, each chocolate coin is free from artificial sweeteners and ingredients, and is suitable for vegetarians, too!

Key Benefits
High-protein chocolate
Great pre-Christmas gift
Gluten-free and vegetarian friendly

Gym fanatic’s favourite countdown

Around £50 but have 33% off when you use a code...

Make this festive season extra special for yourself or your favourite gym fanatic, with a mega selection of delicious bites and favourite flavours designed to keep that all-important training on track.

Find a hidden protein bar behind every window, each selected from our bestselling range – from Oat & Whey and My Bar Zero, to the classic High Protein Bar, all coming in a number of mouthwatering flavours.

Whether it’s indulgent Chocolate Orange, Salted Caramel or one of many more, each bar is packed with high-quality nutritionals so you can enjoy the build-up to Christmas in the most delicious, guilt-free way.

And with 24 mystery bars, every day is a sweet surprise to help fuel your training throughout December!

*Advent calendar box contains bars which contain the following allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soya and cereals containing gluten. 

Key Benefits
New protein bar each day
Quality nutritionals
Our best-selling flavours
Great pre-Christmas gift

Around £7.98

Countdown to the big day with 25 festive windows hiding 25 High protein luxury chocolate shapes
Each 5g protein chocolate piece is infused with quality fast absorbing whey protein isolate
The first high protein advent calendar with more protein, more cocoa and less sugar

No artificial ingredients or sweeteners or palm oil. 55% Cocoa content. Rich, creamy real chocolate packed with 35g of quality protein per calendar, providing you with all the essential proteins needed for recovery during the day or after a workout during the Christmas period

Cocoa+ have increased the cocoa and reduced the sugar compared to standard chocolate, creating a revolutionary type of chocolate that is high in fibre, cocoa and protein.

Bloggers' Christmas Hamper Giveaway

It's that time of year again when all you want to do is snuggle up on the sofa with your favourite food & drink,well us bloggers have teamed up together to bring you some festive cheer! 

Would you like to win this amazing festive Christmas hamper buy John Lewis "well of course you do"

John Lewis Silver Celebration Christmas Hamper
£150 worth, This perfect party hamper includes....

 2x bottles of prosecco and a host of delicious treats, along with a box of 6 Christmas crackers. Presented in a cross weave kubu rattan basket, with handles, that can be used, once empty, for storage.

Key highlights:

2x Dea Del Mare Prosecco NV, 75cl
Fully sparkling and very pale straw coloured. The nose shows aromas of golden delicious apples and sweet ripe pear. The palate is gentle, just off dry but with perfectly balanced acidity. Excellent as an aperitif, it also matches well with fresh fruit.

La Montagne Noire Syrah, 75cl
With blackberries and blueberries in the aroma, the wine hangs on the glass with flavours of black berries and pepper together in a long aftertaste. Perfectly paired with beef stews and good cheese.

Cartwright & Butler Chocolate Wafer Fingers, 200g
At Cartwright & Butler, they ensure that all of their products use only the finest of ingredients, so you can be assured of a traditional, homemade taste with a sense of luxury. These layered wafer fingers, meltingly light and crisp, are covered in milk chocolate.

The Fine Cheese Co. Rosemary Crackers, 150g
The Fine Cheese Co. have been cheese specialists for twenty years and are a producer of artisan British cheeses (most of which are unpasteurised and all of which are traditionally made) and a range of unique crackers and accompaniments. They are based in historic Bath. These Rosemary Crackers are delicate and fragrant. Perfect for soft cheese, they are crisp with a good Rosemary scented aftertaste.

Cosijns Chocolatier Gingembrettes, 100g
The Maison Rovacos - Cosijns is a family story, beginning in 1958. Originating as a business to provide decorative objects for bakeries to use on their products, their chocolate range was launched in 2003. Strips of candied ginger have been coated in a rich dark chocolate.

What else is in the hamper?

Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Co Medium Coffee, 200g
Shaws Spiced Apricot & Ginger Chutney, 200g
Buttermilk Gingerbread Fudge, 100g
Baru Handcrafted Vanilla Bean Marshmallows, 60g
Tommy Tucker Salted Caramel & Vanilla Luxury Toffee Popcorn, 125g
Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Three Fruits Medium Cut Marmalade, 340g
Barfield Bakery 4 pack Mince Pies
The Real Smoked Nut Company Hickory Cashews with Black Pepper, 100g
Delicioso Spanish Pitted Manzilla Olives, 260g
Ardens Goats Cheese & Black Pepper Bites, 100g
Cottage Delight Cinnamon Stars, 175g
Cartwright & Butler Chocolate Wafer Fingers, 200g
Teoni's Chocolate Enrobed Shortbread with White Chocolate Buttons, 225g
John Lewis 6 Holly White & Silver Crackers

So who has teamed up to bring to you this prize: 

So how can you be in with a chance of winning this amazing hamper? Well all you need to do is let us know: 

What do you most love about Christmas?

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Shock Absorber the No 1 sports bra

Finding the right sports bra can be difficult due to a few facts, such as how many are about plus all the different styles and performance you want from your sports bra.

You will need to find out the level of activity you so such as.....

 High - (Yoga)   Max - (Workouts)   Extreme- (Running) 

Find Your Sports Bra Size

Step 1: Rib cage measurement. Measure around your rib cage, just under your breasts. ...
Step 2: Band size. Using the measurement guidelines below, find your corresponding band size based on your rib cage measurement.

Step 3: Bust size.... Step 4: Cup size.

The one that caught my eye had to be Shock Absorber - Active Shape due to the look of the bra and what it could do for me as I have a fuller bust!

Designed with a plunging neckline for a feminine look, this lightly padded sports bra from Shock Absorber offers a great shape and superior comfort courtesy of its breathable perforated cups and mesh.

Crafted from moisture wicking, high performance fabrics, the bra features a full back opening for optimum comfort.

Suitable for the following sports:
Racket Sports
Weight Training
Martial Arts

At first was not sure if I was going to get on with this bra as bought so many other sports bars that just have not done it for me most I have had to sent back as they did not even fit :(

When trying the shock absorber on for the first time have to say I was like "wow it fits me" not only had but felt so comfy and did not dig in to me.
Prices to vary on the bra from £25-£35 so we suggest to shop around as I did and got a good price plus discount on top too.

From the performance side with a fuller bust it's outstanding they do not bounce all over place as I have had experience with others doing.
Highly recommend Shock Absorber sports bra active shape it is perfect for workouts and has been the best sports bra that I have ever bought!

NOCCO - Drinks For Health & Fitness.


NOCCO is a tasty functional beverage developed by the Swedish health- and exercise
oriented enterprise called No Carbs Company. No Carbs Company launched it’s first product in December 2014 and is today available on 27 markets.

All NOCCO products are sugar-free, sweetened with sucralose and enriched with vitamins and BCAA (branched amino acids).

Are you NOCCO enough?

The ones I received are the Summer edition Tropical ones, they are packed full of flavour of exotic fruits which gives of amazing fresh taste! 


NOCCO BCAA contains BCAA (branched amino acids), L-carnitine, green tea with EGDG, caffeine and 6 different vitamins. Pr 330ml canned:
· BCAA 8: 1: 1 (Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine) 2,500mg 

· L-Carntine 400mg 

· Caffeine 105mg 
· Vitamin D is 50% ERV 
· Vitamin B6 100% ERV 
· Vitamin B12 50% ERV 
· Biotin 55% ERV 
· Folic acid 25% ERV 

· Niacin 40% ERV 

They are perfect it you are in to your fitness workouts as I am,they are in convenient cans that are both handy for the home or out and about. What I love from Nocco drinks is that they are sugar free + low in calories. You can also get them in different flavours......

Pear, Peach, Citrus/Elderflower, Tropical, Orange and Red Berries

You can buy them in stores and online places such as.... SportsDirect / Amazon / The Battle Box / MuscleFood plus others.

Get Motivated with Nocco for your burst of energy and see the difference!