BKids UK Product Review

Well I'm still in shock i won the B Kids competition on bambino direct facebook site.
Got a knock at the door round about 2.30 ish on Friday from the delivery man and omg it was my prize i won, would like to say thank you so much to @Bambino Direct & @B Kids .
I love the amazing Watch Over Me Dream Station ,i have been after this product for a while now i was going to get it at the baby show in may but i ended up in hospital going into prem labour again but thank god they stop it this time. so was s nice to win this .
Review on B Kids watch over me dream station - Alfie my son is very wriggly baby and find it hard to get him to sleep we put the dream station on Alfie's cot bed that night the age range can be used from birth.
It uses Utilising SMART Sensing Technology this means its detection and measurement of Body Heat, Motion, Sound which results in a comprehensive monitoring of baby sleeping phases. The dream station also has 5 Phase Smart Sleeping Programme.

Phase 1 Time for Bed - Place baby in crib and activate Watch Over Me. As the paddles begin to sway, gentle music and soft projected lights help to calm baby down and prepare them for sleep.
Phase 2 Falling Asleep - As the Smart Sensor detects less activity by the sleepy baby, light music and movements of the Watch Over Me are made quieter and calmer to help ease them into sleep.
Phase 3 Asleep - Once the Smart Sensor detects no sound or movement from baby, the motion, projected lights and music are replaced by soothing mood lights and white noise.
Phase 4 Continued Sleep -The Smart Sensor standby and continues to monitor baby throughout the night. It will offer mood light to keep baby calm should they wake up.
Phase 5 Waking Up - Once the present timer completes its cycle (4/6/8 hours); Watch Over Me will turn on the mood light and begin playing soft music. The motion and light show will then begin to encourage baby to wake up. This will put baby in a happy mood to start a new day.

Verdict , 5 out of 5 - Alfie loved it he gassed toward the dream station watching all the differt colour changing and amazing calming sounds,Alfie was fast asleep :) what i also love about this product is the work that has done into it , i what sure recommend to my friends & family .
Next up the B kids Play With Me Gym - Age from 0+.
This item is from the Bebee and friends collection Loop n Links. The link system enables the individual character toys to be taken off and used almost anywhere. The links can be used on any of the Loop N Link toys and can be used separately either on the go or in the home. Bluebox have been manufacturing Baby toys for almost 60 years and understands the need for early development and stimulation. Every Loop n Link toy comes with a free locking link so that the characters can be used and taken anywhere.
comes with
Mat, 2 x arches, mirror toy, Bebee monkey rattle .
Verdict -4 out of 5 ease of putting together very good also love the option you can take the toys off the mat and even add to the toy links & vibrant colours , only thing i would of liked the mat to be a little bigger but all in all very nice play mat .
Thank you so much for my lovely prizes all the best ,
from Hannah Staveley .