My review on funky giraffe bibs.

My review on funky giraffe bibs.

I was chosen as one of the lucky people from whatson4me  to review the funky giraffe bibs ,as a mum of two kids one been my  7month old son called Alfie who has just starting teething it’s very important to find the right bib to do the job.

My first impression of the bibs was just how soft they were, they have a fleece backing which keeps your baby from getting wet through. I chose the monkey plus the blast off design for Alfie from the huge range of bandana bibs that can be found on    .


The bibs are made to fit snugly ensuring baby feels at ease yet being secure enough so that they cannot be pulled off, At the back of the bib to facen with two sets of hypoallergenic poppers with with multiple settings, as shown in this picture below.

Also featured on the bib is the loveable giraffe logo which also has a label on with all the info of the martial plus washing incrustations.
Here is alfie using the bib using finger food catching all those crumbs, Found the bib amazing whist feeding alfie his milk found that it absorb the little spills even though the bib was wet his clothes where completely dry  which was a good result as I have just lots of other bibs and the clothes have been soaked.
For those teething dribblers as my son is now, I used to have to change bibs all the time but with the funky giraffe bibs they are excellent on the teething stage and absorbs my cheeky alfies dribbles.
                                                                                           Washing the bibs I found no problems did not run and also no stains plus still felt as soft, they try so quick been cotton which I find a bonus.

I also encountered funky giraffe bibs at the baby show and was mesmerised by their stand they had so many bibs in so many funky deigns you could tell they are a hit with others with all the other people around plus they do affordably prices and offers on their  bibs.
I would recommend them to my friends and family my verdict is 5/5.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Would also like to add abit about the company –
We only use high quality cotton fabric for our bibs and baby clothes. The bibs have a fleece backing, as after much experimentation we found these best as keeping the baby’s chest dry.
 They are shaped to fit around the neck without causing discomfort. Two sets of nickel free poppers. They are designed to last from birth up to an age when they should normally not need them. They are designed by a mother’s point of view rather than a business woman.
All other info and products can be found on their website.
 Thank you to and for letting me review these amazing bibs all the best from Hannah staveley.